Emergency works continue on Gold Coast hinterland roads after torrential rain

Emergency works are continuing on two major Gold Coast hinterland roads after they were significantly damaged in the recent wild weather.

After weeks of stabilisation works along Beechmont Road, a temporary, single-lane side track can now be built around the major landslip to restore access for Lower Beechmont’s residents and businesses.

Transport and Main Roads Acting South Coast Regional Director Andrew Wheeler said the department had started work immediately to stabilise the slope after heavy rainfall caused significant damage in February and March.


“This is a natural disaster, and the sixth major weather-related event in the region in the last three years,” Mr Wheeler said.

“We understand the impact this closure has had, and teams have been working tirelessly to repair the damage as quickly as possible.

“The team will be working day and night to build the side track for additional access to and from Beechmont during reconstruction of the landslip.”

Mr Wheeler said the track was expected to be open in July but an exact date will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

The reconstruction works will mean the side track will have to be closed between 8.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday.

“This means drivers can get to work or school in the mornings and home again in the afternoons, with repairs continuing throughout the day to restore full access as soon as possible,” Mr Wheeler said.

“The side track will also remain open on weekends, however some work may result in short delays and we expect to continue doing night works where needed.

“Vehicles using the side track will need to be a maximum of 24.5 tonnes, four-tonne maximum wheel load, and trucks and buses must be rigid body.”

A temporary helipad has been secured at Syd Duncan Park in Lower Beechmont to allow emergency services easy access to the site.

Gold Coast-Springbrook Road will remain closed between Neranwood Park and Pine Creek Road for an extended period of time due to the extent of damage at the landslip site.

“Ongoing assessments have confirmed the extent of damage from the major landslip on the one-way section of road is far worse than originally anticipated and will require an extensive works program,” Mr Wheeler said.

“While it is too early to say exactly how long the closure will last, we expect it could be in place from 18 months to two years.

“A side track is unfortunately not possible here due to geotechnical constraints and the sheer extent of the damage.

“I understand that this extended closure will be a major inconvenience to many, however, the challenging and technically difficult site, along with the extent of the damage means we won’t be able to open the road until it is safe to do so.”

Mr Wheeler said traffic to and from Springbrook would continue to use Pine Creek Road as an alternative.

“The emergency works and reconstruction will involve major scaling activities and stabilisation works,” he said.

“On the upslope is stabilised, further assessment and restoration work will be needed on the road and downslope area.

“Motorist safety has always been our first priority and we thank the community for its patience while we work to restore the roads.”

In addition to the landslip site, there are at least 15 other major sites needing significant reconstruction work along Gold Coast-Springbrook Road.

“The bad weather this month has resulted in another major slip within the closed section of Gold Coast Springbrook Road and further assessments are needed,” he said.

“We will continue to keep the community updated as this disaster recovery work progresses.”