Get Set for the Games

EMILY JADE on how she got set for the games

In my pregnant state I will pretty much do anything for a piece of cake and so when my husband Gerard who owns a small business here on the Gold Coast asked me to attend a workshop with him with free cakes and pastries I told him I’d do anything for him and my love of cake.

EJ and Gerard get set for the games

The workshop was called ‘Get Set for the Games’ and the point of it was to work out an operating plan for his business MouldMen during the Commonwealth Games. His office is really close to Carrara Stadium and a lot of the main roads that will be used for the Games. We knew it would be wise to get all the information we could so MouldMen doesn’t come to a standstill, we have wages to pay and a mortgage of our own so we need to protect that. I know we are not the only business in the same boat here on the coast.


The workshop was small, with only about 40 other people in the room and went for about an hour and a half, and of course had free cake…… and fruit but mainly cake.

It was great that it was small and intimate because after we were presented with all the facts about the 11 days of the Games, we then got some one on one time with the experts in the room. This was really valuable to us because we were able to present information like where all our staff are travelling from each day to get to work, where they travel during the day for work, and how they would be getting home. With that and other information they were able to put the microscope on each day of the games for us and our daily business needs and work out what days to travel, what days to avoid and a few other tips to make everyone’s lives easier and ensure the business still makes a turn over in that time.

Get set for the games workshop

I was surprised when I realised it would also help me to and from work each day because Hot Tomato is right in the middle of it. I hadn’t even thought about it, which is silly because I work in the media and have been banging on on-air about it for weeks. I’ll be fine getting to work with the early starts, but getting home I’ll need to know what days to drive where because we are right near the Aquatic Centre which will be pumping.

So this is what we are planning to do, and it might help you out as well.

  • For the games period we are only doing emergency jobs on the Gold Coast. Our Gold Coast Technicians are also going to focus on helping out the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast guys, its only 7 working days so they will be fine with that and all get along with each other and like the catch up and change of scenery.
  • Our Gold Coast support staff is going to work from home. Modern technology means they can dial in from home and work in their PJ’s if they like. They are sweet with that and in fact are a little excited to not have to factor travel into their day, especially because its school holidays so they can stay home with the kids and not have to worry about paying for school holiday programs. A big win for them.
  • On that, some of the staff have opted to take holidays for all or some of the time because they want to take the kids to events.  It’s a once in a lifetime event for our city and they are super keen to be a part of it, and we are happy to accommodate that.
  • We are going to chill. By that I mean we now have such a big appreciation for how big and organised the Games are going to be and how much good it is doing, and will do for the coast. Just think of all the new road works that have been completed because of Games dollars and are already a big success.  11 days of a little disruption is nothing compared to what we have gained. So if our guys are a little late for work, so be it, if we need to factor longer travel times for jobs, so be it, and if things go pear shaped on a day or two we won’t sweat it.  We will manage it and remind ourselves it’s only 11 days of pain for a lot of gain.

I hope this has helped you a little bit and if you head to a workshop near you I’m sure you will find that not only do they serve cake, but getting around during the Games will be a piece of cake, with a bit of planning….. Like what I did there! But seriously, get set for the Games, it’s going to be awesome.

EJ xx

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Get Set for the Games