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This time yesterday Chris Brown was in a standoff with police after he allegedly pulled a gun on a beauty queen. She was looking at some jewellery, he wasn’t happy with that and we all know how it ended. Yesterday Chris Brown said that he could “fart an elephant” so I thought we should ask doctor Chris Brown Bondi Vet on his opinion about how an elephant would feel about this. Dr Chris Brown then tweeted this:

You can’t help it can you – there are a lot of people in the world that have names that other people have and it can be unfortunate. Dr Chris Brown did say that he had considered doing his own instagram rant but he was travelling interstate and hadn’t packed a hoodie which would have been vital for the video. 

In the Courier Mail today I spotted something really cool on page 2. We know that Thor shut the city down last week, well Marvel have taken out a half page ad to thank the city and people of Brisbane for being a part of film history. It then goes on to thank every single shop and person involved in the shutdown of the city. I used to work at the Courier Mail and it’s not cheap for an ad that size – from what I can recall I think it’s about $30,000! Good form Thor!

The Thor Ragnarok ad in today's Courier Mail.

The Thor Ragnarok ad in today’s Courier Mail.

Kiki said goodbye to Richie on The Bachelor last night. There have been photos taken behind the scenes of what it is like filming The Bachelor and it does not look romantic at all. In the pics you can see the Bachie with whoever he is going on a date with, but there is also about 100 people around them holding up lights and mics, plus there is even makeup artists coming in to touch up there makeup.

I spoke to Kiki on the phone today, and she confirmed this: “The crew are there obviously because the show wouldn’t be able to be made. The thing is you mentally prepare yourself and you are in the moment. You don’t pay attention with what is going on around you because you are there with Richie on the date and you make every moment count. You can’t let the crew around you alter or affect the moment you are sharing with him.” Seriously Kiki should still be on the show – but she was the last of the brunettes and Richie really loves his blondes.

Sunday funday! ?? #TheBachelorAU

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