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Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Transgender actress Alexis Arquette passed away over the weekend. She was 47 and had suffered an illness. She played the Boy George lookalike in the Wedding Singer, and since 1994 she appeared in at least 2 movies a year until 2014.

So I’ve found out where Chris Hemsworth lives. I heard a rumour that he may be living at the house of someone I kind of know. Well I saw that person on Friday and so I asked them if the rumour was true – and it is! I can’t reveal the address unfortunately. Moving on, Chris has done a wonderful thing on Instagram – he has plugged the Byron Bay Film Festival with all of his castmates from Thor:

Lady Gaga has a new song – it’s a weird sorta song. She has pushed the barrier with this one and it is co-written with Mark Ronson and Tame Impala. Have a listen below:

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