Emily Jade's Entertainment News

Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Going to get the sad news out of the way first up!

If you’re a massive fan of Star Wars, the smallest star in the galaxy – R2D2 – has died.  Not the actual R2D2 but the actor Kenny Baker who was stuffed inside R2D2 passed away over the weekend.   He was 81 and only 1 metre tall. His role in Star Wars was quite pioneering because he changed the way people looked at disability and showed that they could do things like be a big star in a movie. Rest in peace mate.

Another thing that is a little bit sad – Barbara Gibb has passed away.   She was mother to all of the Gibbs, better known as the Bee Gees.  She was 95.

Bon Jovi have revealed they are going to release their 14th album. I’m so excited about this as I am a bit of a hardcore fan and it remains one of the best concerts I have ever been too. It’s going to be without Richie Sambora and will be released on October 21. It’s called ‘This House Is Not For Sale’.

Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend and it’s Sofia Richie – Lionel Richie’s daughter. He put a photo up on Instagram of the pair and all the haters have since come out and criticised her. Justin has now said that if he gets anymore hate towards her, he will take himself on Instagram. Good on him!

Justin Bieber - Instagram

Last night on TV was All Star Family Feud and I loved that it was Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell’s family’s. Tim ended up winning, but told me that the pair were quite competitive leading up to the show. “Anthony’s mum was watching about 20 different episodes to get in the mode – she really wanted to win.” Tim won $30,000 which was donated to the RSPCA.