Emily Jade's Entertainment News

Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Wanted to start by wishing Channel 9 Queensland a very happy birthday – they are 57 today!

Yesterday I mentioned Justin Bieber was a little bit upset with the internet after he posted a photo with Sofia Richie, Lionel Richie’s daughter.  All of the haters came out after he shared a photo of the pair on Instagram.  Well overnight the biebs deleted his Instagram account so now we can no longer look at any of his photos. 🙁 Tbh, I am glad he has taken a stand and said he is just not going to put up with all the hate – good on him!

There is a rumour going around that Johnny Depp has been majorly cut out of the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer after all of the drama that has unfolded with his ex Amber Heard. Their divorce has now settled for $10 million, and it comes after Heard submitted some very damaging photos to the court. Heard says she is going to donate the money to charity as it wasn’t about the money it was just about standing up for herself. I’m hoping she donates the cash to a women’s shelter.

Thor is closing down half of Brisbane (well some streets in the CBD) to do some filming there. So if you want to see a big movie in action, you need to get yourself there! CLICK HERE for all the details you need to know.

Cody Simpson, who is a great Gold Coaster, has turned down the opportunity to be a judge on The X-Factor because he wants to spend time writing with his new team. However, he is making time to do a concert at his old school All Saints this September.

Finally, I love ‘The Bachelor’ and there’s some chat that there is naughty business going on between one of the girls and someone in the production team. I guess when there is only guy, a whole bunch of girls, and not a whole lot of chemistry between you and the one guy, why not have a crack at the camera guy… 😉  I caught up with Sasha who was eliminated last week and she said there was no truth to the rumours. “That is a load of s***, absolutely not true,” she said. “The [crew] are ugly, old and gay!”