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Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Look, I am a bit of a Guns N’ Roses diehard and if you are like me you are going to be really thrilled to know that they are going to be touring in February. They have just announced the tour – and the best bit is, it is with Slash! Axel did go on the road for a while as ‘Guns N’ Roses’ (it was just the guns really, not the roses too) but now Slash has decided to re-join the party. So, if you want to see the true Guns N’ Roses, you need to get tickets!

The Playboy Mansion has sold for $130 million. The next door neighbour has bought it and has said that Hugh Hefner can live there until he dies. Hugh is 90 at the moment, and he is looking pretty good for his age, so I think it will be another 10 years until the new owner can officially move in.

Hugh Jackman has had to rush to his mother-in-law’s side. Deborra-Lee Furness’ mother is not well so the couple are now back home in the country to be with her. Hugh and his mother-in-law have a great relationship and he has gone on record many times saying he officially has the best mother-in-law in the world.

Marriage is on the cards for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Sources say he really really wants to marry her and he really really wants to have more kids. She is a bit hesitant at the moment though after everything that went down with her ex Russell Brand. I think they are great match!

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Now I loved Jessie J in The Voice, but I’ve just found out that after she finished filming the reality series she deleted everyone that she mentored from her social feeds! Ellen Reed has revealed that the British star unfollowed her the day after the show wrapped. I guess if you are thinking about going on The Voice, maybe pick one of mentors that wants to continue a relationship.

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