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Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Some happy news for you to kick-start your Friday – Rachael Finch has announced she is having baby number 2! She is 12 weeks pregnant and she announced the news yesterday by sharing the classic ultrasound photo. It now explains why she turned down going to Rio – she was offered the opportunity to go over and report – but because she was pregnant and with the threat of the Zika virus there was obviously no way that she could possibly attend. Congratulations Rachael!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have cancelled their honeymoon plans to go to Bora Bora. They had booked the honeymoon before the wedding. Apparently she still can’t work out what she wants to do for the wedding – she is tossing up between a little one at Byron or a big one. Get married already!!

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Seth Rogan has come out and said that he thinks Orlando Bloom stripped off naked on purpose to get better film roles. He believes that Orlando might be going that thing of ‘getting older’ and so is trying to show that he is still attractive enough to play the young, sexy roles. Trying for the next 50 Shades Of Grey perhaps?


And last night Keira said farewell to The Bachelor, or The Bachelor said farewell to her after their lovely yoga date. On the date Keira kept telling Richie what to do, so he went ‘Righto – See Ya Later!’ Keira was the one who controversially started her life in a very strange cult and her mum was the wife of a man who had many wives. It was all revealed while she was in the house and she just had to sit back and take it. When I chatted to her, Keira said: “Look, to be honest, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s not something that I’ve really hid, it’s just not relevant to who I am. I am in a really good place, I’m very happy. I’m a positive person who looks towards the future and I don’t really focus on the past. I’m fine with it, I think it made me a bit stronger and a bit more resilient.” I just loved that on the show last night when she was driving off into the single sunset she said ‘I was too good for this situation’ – you go sister!

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