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Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

The entertainment news is a little strange today because it almost all seems to be focus on death.

We lost Gene Wilder this week, and his all time best friend Mel Brooks has gone on the Jimmy Fallon show and talked about his life. Watch below:

I feel for Mel. There is nothing worse than that feeling of not being able to pick up a phone and ring your friend.

This is something that I missed. Last week I mentioned that Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness had to fly to Melbourne because her mother was sick. Because of Gene passing away I didn’t realise that Deborra-Lee’s mum also passed away. Her funeral was yesterday and the who’s who were there. Kate Cebrano sang ‘Amazing Grace’ during the funeral, Hugh also did a tribute and sang a few songs, and people like Bert Newton and that turned up. Her mum was an amazing lady and won countless awards because she set up lots of different cancer charities. Now this a cute story – when Hugh Jackman asked Deborra-Lee to marry him he went to her mum to ask and she said yes, but there were a few provisos. She said ‘Firstly, you must love her forever – take this on board because I don’t want a divorce. The second thing is you need to be a patron for my charity.’

Now Chris Brown was a big story this week. Of course he was in trouble – he did something with a gun and a Miss California entrant and there was a police standoff. There is some conspiracy theories going around now because apparently the Miss California sent a text message to her friend when she was on the way to his house saying she was going to set the singer up. But then, Chris Brown has released a song today called ‘What Would You Do’. Coincidental? You can have a listen below:

And finally, ten years ago on Sunday Steve Irwin passed away. To mark the occasion, his parents have shared a letter that he wrote to them. It’s beautiful – read it here!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Emily Jade