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Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Well I am asking the question today – Does anybody in Brisbane work? It seemed like the whole of the city took the day off yesterday to head to the Thor set to watch Chris Hemsworth film a page and a half of the script. Everyone was chatting yesterday about how Chris Hemsworth was wearing a Livin hoodie – it was very exciting because it is a Gold Coast charity. I caught up with one of the charity’s founders, Casey Lyon, who revealed how Chris got a hold of one of their jumpers. “We are quite lucky because we have a very good friend at Livin who works in the movie industry. He wears our shirts on set and Chris pulled him up one day and said he wanted a shirt because ‘it looks cool’. Our friend proceeded to tell him the story behind it, and then Chris was more than happy to jump on board and support us.” The charity has now sold out of that jumper. It’s Thor-some!

Grant Hackett has a new girlfriend. Her name is Maggie Keating. She’s Canadian but he actually met her on the Gold Coast at BSKT. She has a political science degree and she is also a lawyer – so he’s really gone for an underachiever clearly. Good luck to them – I think it’s nice that he’s decided to date a lawyer cause she might be able to help him out from time to time.

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Leonardo DiCaprio has been in a car crash in the Hamptons. He is ok though because he had one of those big, black SUVs that they all drive and it was a mini-minor that crashed into him. What’s really sweet is that he jumped out of the car and ran to the little mini to see if the lady driving it was ok. He also gave her a hug! Good effort lady!


Finally I’m just going to take you on a little walk down memory lane. The lady that played Janice, who was Chandler Bing’s girlfriend for a while on Friends, has revealed that she was originally only meant to be on one episode of hit sitcom. She ended up appearing in 19 episodes.  The actress who played Janice, Maggie Wheeler, yesterday appeared on UK program This Morning as herself – and boy does she sound different to Janice. Have a listen below – it’s incredible:

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