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We all know that it is hard to age in Hollywood as a woman. A lot of women try to fight the ageing process and they kind of get the ‘Madonna’ face where they use these fillers to plump their faces right up. Courteney Cox from Friends went down that path for a bit and I know a lot of magazines were posting pictures of her with headlines like ‘What happened to her face?’. It would be so hard to get older in an industry where they don’t really want you to. It’s also hard to then try and fix it because everyone questions what you’ve done. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the ageing face. Well Courteney Cox has decided to go on Bear Grylls’ new show, which seems like a strange combination, and put herself out there in the wild. They’ve released a few clips where she actually addresses her face:

Jennifer Lawrence is now the highest paid woman in Hollywood for 2016. She has earnt a lazy $60 million before taxes. It must be hard to be young, beautiful and rich – I feel for her!


Let’s touch on the biggest story of the day for us in Queensland – Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston visited Lady Cilento Hospital yesterday. While I did want them to come and visit our very own Gold Coast University Hospital, it did warm my heart. I chatted to mum Shona, who’s son is in hospital, and she said that they were given 5 minutes notice that they were going to meet the Hollywood stars. The poor thing didn’t even have lipstick in her bag! “I was just tired and exhausted mum,” Shona said.

And finally if you want to date Thor’s stunt double – he is on Tinder. His name in Bobby Holland Hanton. He eats 35 meals a day and trains 18 hours a week in order to look like Chris Hemsworth. He also doubles for Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum.

Pouts are out again and so is the huntsman winters war….. Go see it peeps

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