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Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Ahhh Chris Hemsworth has done it again. He’s winning the hearts of everybody. How? Well he went back to Lady Cilento Hospital because he found out there was some kids that missed out on seeing him the first time. Isn’t he a good boy?! He wasn’t in costume this time – he was wearing his grey Livin hoodie. I love him so much!

The Bureau of Meteorology have had a funny jab at Chris Hemsworth on twitter. We apparently it was warmest August night on record in Logan and Brisbane overnight, so they tweeted this:

Cate Blanchett was on the Thor set yesterday in Brisbane. They snuck her in though because they want to keep her costume a secret. She’s playing Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death.

Now let’s move on to Tom Hiddleston. All the websites are saying that there is trouble between him and Taylor Swift. Apparently they are spending too much time apart. Oh come on – it’s bit hard when he is in Australia trying to film a movie! Maybe there is some truth in it – we will see.


The third Bridget Jones’ Diary is out soon and Renee Zellweger has had a chat about why she didn’t put on weight this time. She says the director wanted to tell the story that even if you lose the weight, and you look they way you think you want to look, it doesn’t mean your life is going to get any better. I reckon that is a great message – I have lots of friends who have done the same thing and then they have said that they don’t feel much better. Still, don’t stop hoping and dreaming for things!

I’m loving the Bachelor! The latest person the Bachie broke up with was sadly our Gold Coast girl Noni. I caught up with her after the elimination and asked her if she now gets recognised around the GC. Here’s what she said: “Yes – it’s really weird. Girls actually throw themselves at me more than boys!” Noni was my favourite because at the very start she was the chick that gave Richie the bacon rose. “I gave it a go and it was pretty easy [to make]. If someone made me a bacon rose I’d definitely get on one knee pretty quickly,” Noni said.

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