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Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

I’m going to start with some happy news. Bob Geldof’s eldest daughter Fifi got married to a sand sculptor over the weekend. I think this is just good news to share as the family has obviously been plagued by tragedies so it’s nice that something lovely has happened.

Chris Hemsworth could be the next Bond. He put a picture up on his Instagram thanking his dad for being a great dad and now we know where he gets his looks from. The picture of his dad is from the 70s and he’s got the goods. Check it out below:

In The Mirror, they have published an article saying that everyone truly believes he is going to be the next 007. So that’s exciting stuff!!

Channeling my Kung fu panda at @qualiaresort on Hamilton island, another incredible place to visit in @australia #whitsundays

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Crowded House could be performing at the Aria Awards this year because it is both their 30th anniversaries. The band is also going to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

Michael Jackson – is he secretly alive? Paris Jackson has posted a picture of herself driving a car on Instagram and in the backseat it looks like somebody is sitting behind her with a scarf over their face. Fans have gone nuts saying ‘it’s him’, ‘he’s alive’, ‘it’s a conspiracy’. Check it out below:

if you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own.

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Sorry guys, but if you look really closely, it’s just a scarf tied over the backseat headrest.

And finally, Amber Heard is coming back to Australia. In fact, she is coming back to the Gold Coast to make another movie. She is going be starring as the main girl in Aquaman which is being shot here. We welcome her, but not her dogs.

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