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Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

I am so excited about this because I have a huge crush on this woman – Helen Mirren is going to be filming in Australia! It’s a supernatural movie called ‘Winchester’ and she plays a millionairess who believes her home is haunted. It’s going to be set in Melbourne. It will be very exciting to have her here in Australia, and who knows, she might pop up to the Gold Coast for a visit.

Kylie Minogue and her fiance Joshua Sasse have weighed in on the Aussie gay marriage debate. They say ‘our laws are backwards’, they are ‘very upset by them’ and we ‘need to change’ them. Of course Kylie is a gay icon and she has done mardi gras many, many times.

In other news, Kylie has also announced she is recording more songs to add to her Christmas album. I purchased it last year and absolutely love it. My favourite is a duet she did with Dannii called ‘100 degrees’ and it was fantastic. I mean look at Mariah Carey, I think she is still dining off the Christmas album she made in the 90s. So it’s a very smart move by Kylie!

Usain Bolt could be engaged?! He has posted a really cryptic message while on holiday with his very forgiving girlfriend Kasi Bennett. Now just after the Olympics there was a bit of uproar because he took a picture with the ex-wife of some mafia drug-lord type person. Everyone at the time was like what’s he doing because he has a very long-term girlfriend. Well it seems Kasi didn’t care because the pair have posted photos with a ring and emojis of a bride walking down the aisle – so it looks like she has said yes. Good on her, I don’t know if I would.

And finally, Jamie Durie has designed the new Tiger Island at Dreamworld! I think it’s wonderful to have that bit of celebrity doing something out there. It opens on September 18th, so get out there and check it out!

Met this little guy! So excited to launch #tigerisland today with our #QldPremier #AnnastaciaPalaszczuk . We are designing and enhancing a new natural habitat for these special creatures. 100 years ago we had 100 thousand #tigers, sadly today we have only 3000 left as a result of habitat loss and #poaching . The #dreamworldwildlifefoundation is the worlds largest zoological contributor to tiger conservation 2 million dollars raised already but so much more is needed as we have lost 97% of the worlds tiger population in the last century. 100% of every dollar raised goes to the #foundation jump onto the #Dreamworld website to help out now ! @Dreamworld_AU @dreamworldau #DWhappiness #BIG9 #ABCKIDSWORLD #DWF #DWcubs #lessthan3000left #tigerconservation #stoptigerpoaching

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