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Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

I feel like sport is entertainment so I am going to congratulate Cam McEvoy for joining Sally Pearson as one of the ambassadors for the GC 2018 Commonwealth Games. What I will say though is that it was a strange way that my cousin, Annastacia Palaszczuk, made the announcement – it was in front the Sydney Harbour Bridge?! Announce that stuff here please!

This is very exciting. Gold Coast Company iEC put together the Rolling Stones exhibition in England. It’s got mountains of memorabilia from Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. And now, it’s coming to Australia in 2018. Hopefully the boys will come and launch it!

Big congratulations to Margot Robbie! She has been named as the face of a Calvin Klein perfume called Deep Euphoria (where do they come up with these names?).

And now the big news of the day which many of us saw coming – Taylor Swift has split from Tom Hiddleston.


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Twitter has already gone crazy over it:

Tom Hiddleston hasn’t let it get to him. He had to do an acceptance speech for a TV Choice award that he won for a British show he is in called ‘Night Manager’. Now because he is here in Australia and the awards were in the UK, he recorded a thank you. But it had a little cameo from Chris Hemsworth. Watch below:

And I’m going to end with this – Sia has released a new song called ‘The Greatest’ and it features Kendrick Lamar. Whenever she releases a song, people go nuts. Take a listen below:

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