Emily Simms reveals she was drunk when she stormed off The Bachelor

Last night’s rose ceremony was more dramatic then usual, with fiery contestant Emily Simms storming off the set of The Bachelor.

The brunette beauty had earlier been told by Bachelor Sam Wood that she was ‘highly strung’, so when it came down to her and rival Nina Rolleston for the final rose, Emily beat him to the punch and walked off the show.

Emily has since revealed she was highly intoxicated when she decided to leave.


‘I was very, very drunk in that [her exit]. I was slurring my words at the end in the car on the way back,’ she told Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

However, despite being inebriated, the 31-year-old says she always intended to walk off the show.

Posting on social media after the show, she said: ‘I had decided to walk out that morning. I told Ebru when we were in hair and makeup that I had had enough of the lies, the fake bulls***. I was at breaking point.’

‘I just wanted to go home. So I decided to get myself blind drunk, (you can see me slurring my words in the car), and numb myself from it.’

Will these doubts play on Sam’s mind? ? #TheBachelorAU

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