Employment facilitator to get Gold Coasters back into work

The Gold Coast will soon get it’s own ’employment facilitator’, as part of the federal government’s plan to get Aussies back into work.

$62.8 million is being invested in a new Local Jobs Program, which will see 14 facilitators added around the country, in addition to the existing 11.

Unemployment on the Gold Coast soared to its highest level in more than 18 years last month as further restrictions and border closures took their toll on the city.


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Member for McPherson Karen Andrews says they’ll seek to connect job seekers to local employment opportunities.

“The Gold Coast – and its key industries of tourism and hospitality – is suffering as a result of the pandemic and subsequent restrictions.

“The Coalition has recognised cities like ours need on-the-ground support to help lead our recovery and I’m thrilled to hear an Employment Facilitator will be allocated to the Gold Coast to assist local job seekers to connect with training, job opportunities or other support.

“The Employment Facilitators will chair Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces across Australia, including on the Gold Coast,” Mrs Andrews said.

Member for Moncrieff Angie Bell says Local Recovery Funds will also be available to support this approach

“Tailoring solutions specific to each local area is vital to helping regions like ours recover.

“As the Gold Coast economy recovers from COVID-19, the jobs that are created may look different to those that existed before.

“Small and family businesses rely on their local communities and we want to tap into their expertise and connections to get people working again,” Ms Bell said.

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