Enid Blyton classic to come to life at Gold Coast Show

MANY Gold Coast adults would remember having their imagination fly while reading Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree…

Now young locals will get to see the amazing tale in real life, with an original stage adaptation to be a highlight of this year’s Gold Coast Show.

The music will be composed and the show narrated by the second-removed cousin of the author, in Brisbane’s Peter Blyton.


And the ARIA award-winning music producer is promising a visual feast complete with pyrotechnics, lasers, pixies and Saucepan Men as well as huge inflatable trees – all with a quintessential Gold Coast flavour.

“It’s going to be a tribute to Enid Blyton, not specifically a concise version of the book,” Peter said.

Peter chooses to downplay his famous family link, quietly preferring to let his own achievements as a music producer to some of the biggest stars in Australia, Germany and the United States do the talking.

The Magic Faraway Tree will staged at the 2014 Gold Coast Show at the Gold Coast Turf Club from August 29 to 31.