Enjoy some puppy love with no strings attached

PHOTO: Animal Welfare League of QLD / Facebook

PHOTO: Animal Welfare League of QLD / Facebook

Animal Welfare League Queensland’s shelter dogs have their bags packed and are ready for spring break.

For a limited time, a number of dogs are eligible for a no-obligation, free 21 day adoption trial.


Local families are invited to take a dog out of the shelter for a ‘holiday’ to help create space at AWLQ’s rehoming centres that currently have no room spare for any new animals in need.

AWLQ spokesperson Zoe Hermans says taking a shelter dog on trial is a win-win for the dogs.

“It gives our dogs a break away from the shelter where they can be in family home. Of course we hope each trial ends in an adoption, but if not then at least we have learnt valuable information about each dog’s personality in a home environment.”

For those wishing to adopt their ‘spring break buddy’ after the trial period ends, they can do so for the drastically reduced adoption fee of only $47 (normally $250).

“We have so many beautiful, loving and loyal canine companions just waiting for a family of their own. AWLQ is hoping that by offering a free trial, it will motivate families to consider adopting these school holidays,” says Ms Hermans.

Anyone looking for a pet to love can drop in to Gold Coast, Beenleigh or Ipswich Rehoming Centre and ‘try a dog before you buy’.

For more information, visit http://www.awlqld.com.au/