Enrollment statistics for Australia’s same-sex marriage postal vote released

MORE than three million Australians aged between 18 and 29 are enrolled to vote in the upcoming same-sex marriage survey, it has been confirmed.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) released a full breakdown of enrollment statistics on Wednesday after finalising the last of the updates and new voter details on Monday.

In all, more than 16 million people are now enrolled and eligible to take part in the postal vote, officially known as the Australia Marriage Law Postal Survey.


That’s the largest number of Australian’s ever enrolled to vote since Federation.

According to the AEC, people aged between 18 and 49 will account for 53.1 percent of the vote, while those aged 50 and over will account for the remaining 46.9 percent.

Scroll down to view a complete breakdown of enrollment statistics, divided up into ages and states.

In total, more than 3.3 million people visited the AEC website in the two weeks leading up to the close of rolls.

Of those 3.3 million people, around 835,000 of them logged on to update their address, while an additional 98,000 new voters enrolled for the first time, including 65,000 people aged 18-24.

That is almost 300,000 more people than the 687,000 that logged on to update their details for last year’s federal election.

The AEC has now handed the data over to the Australian Bureau of Statistics who will conduct the survey.

For more information on the postal survey, click here.

(Australian Electoral Commission)