Essendon fail in final doping appeal; Watson could lose Brownlow

A last-ditch effort by Essendon players to have their doping bans overturned has failed in court.

The Swiss Federal Tribunal has ruled against the 34 current and past Bombers players who launched the appeal.

They were challenging the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling in February that went against the players which saw 17 players, including 12 at Essednon, banned from playing this season.


The AFL Player Association confirmed the news on Tuesday night and said they had informed players and their agents of the ruling.

“The decision is written in German and it must now be translated into English to allow the lawyers for the players to review the reasons of the Court,” the statement read.

“As such we are not in a position to elaborate any further on the Court’s decision at this point in time.”

This latest appeal was the last legal step the players had in the official anti-doping process.

Now that it’s over, it clears the way for the AFL Commission to rule on whether Jobe Watson should be allowed to keep his 2012 Brownlow Medal.

Watson is one of the banned players and the supplements regime at Essendon that led to the bans operated during the 2012 season.