Europe heatwave smashes records as Paris hits 42.6C

Health Authorities have issued warnings to locals and tourists in Europe as a scorching heatwave grips the continent.

The sweltering temperatures have broken records in Germany, France, Britain and the Netherlands, with Paris recording a temp of 42.6C just after 1.30pm local time on Thursday, the hottest in the city’s history.

Germany also saw its all time high smashed, reaching 41.5 degrees Celsius in the northwestern town of Lingen.


It’s the second heatwave to hit Europe in just a month, with England also reaching 38.1C today – the second hottest temperature in Britain’s history!

“Climate change has increased the likelihood and severity of heatwave episodes across Europe,” the UK’s national weather service said.

The soaring temps forced trains to run at a slower pace and also reduced the speed of nuclear power output in France and Germany.

People are being urged to take extra precautions, with the heatwave expected to continue into Friday.