European countries to resume vaccine rollout as regulator deems jab safe

The European Union’s medicine regulator has concluded the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is safe and effective, despite fears there were links to blood clots.

13 countries decided to pause their rollouts over the last week, as they investigated claims that some recipients suffered blood clots after getting the jab.

There was also a push for Australia to reconsider our rollout of the AstraZeneca jab, which most Australians will receive eventually.


However, following rapid investigations, the European Medicines Agency says the AstraZeneca vaccine is not liked to an increased risk of clots.

The regulator’s Emer Cooke insists it is safe.

“We are committed to ensuring that any new suspected adverse reactions are rapidly investigated to support decisions based on science which can then support confidence in vaccines, which is so important in dealing with this devastating pandemic,” she said.

It’s understood most of those countries will now look at phasing the AstraZeneca vaccine back in.

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