Evandale Lake to be drained for first time in 20 years in search for stonefish

EVANDALE Lake will be drained for the first time in 20 years in an effort to flush out a potentially deadly stonefish and to allow for essential repairs to be carried out.

The popular swimming hole has been closed to the public since mid-July after video footage emerged purportedly showing what appeared to be a stonefish lurking near the lake’s surface late at night.

The drastic decision to drain the lake was made after Seaworld divers failed to find any sign of the stonefish and attempts to net the lake proved unsuccessful.


Draining is expected to start on Monday August 21.

While the lake is empty, council will also carry out around $120,000 in repairs, including replenishing the sandy foreshores, adding rock and pebble to the banks, and removing debris.

A council spokesperson told myGC the operation was being treated as a matter of urgency.

Evandale Lake PHOTO: City of Gold Coast via www.goldcoastculturalprecinct.info

“The lake was last drained and refurbished around 20 years ago so we are simply taking this opportunity to do those required works that will beautify the lake for the upcoming summer season and complement the cultural precinct currently under construction,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“The draining and refurbishment works are being treated as a priority.”

Marine wildlife will be netted and relocated to the Nerang River before water from the lake can be pumped back into the river where it came from.

“The empty lake will then be inspected by marine experts to confirm that dangerous aquatic organisms are not present,” the spokesperson said.

“The exchange pipes will be sealed and crews will check daily to ensure no marine life have entered the lake perimeter.”

The repairs to the lake are expected to be completed by mid next month.