Evandale Lake to be drained today, in an attempt to find stonefish

The Gold Coast City Council will start draining Evandale Lake today in an attempt to find the potentially deadly stonefish in its waters.

More than a month after a video revealed the poisonous fish, Council will begin a two-week long operation to drain the lake and hopefully capture the stonefish after initial attempts to use nets and divers were unsuccessful.

The Mayor said he wasn’t going to risk anyone getting injured from the poisonous fish.


“I said I would leave no stone unturned, especially with the stonefish,” he said.

“We’ve tried all the low value operations, now the next stage is to pump out the lake.”

Mayor Tom Tate said they’ll use this opportunity to make necessary upgrades to the lake built in the 1970’s.

“It hasn’t been emptied for a couple of decades, so we’ll be removing anything dirty or filthy from the lake,” he said.

“By the time we’re finished it’s going to be like new again.”