Speed limits reduced on the M1 ahead of the Commonwealth Games

UPDATE: MOTORISTS will be forced to travel 10km/h slower on the M1 between Brisbane and the Gold Coast from Thursday, with reduced speed limits coming into effect ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

As of 1 March, speeds on the Pacific Motorway will be dropped back 10km/h – from 100km/h to 90km/h – between the M1/M3 merge at Eight Mile Plains and Logan Motorway.

The speed limit will also be dropped 10km/h closer to the Coast, with speeds between the Logan Motorway and Smith Street Motorway going from 110km/h to 100km/h. Scroll down for full list of changes.


It’s anticipated the reduced speed limits will increase motorway capacity, safety and reliability.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said maintaining traffic flow and ensuring the safe movement of road users between Brisbane and the Gold Coast was critical to the Games’ success.

“This is going to be the biggest sporting event in Queensland’s history, and we’re pulling out all stops to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible,” Mr Bailey said.

“In April 2017, the Government announced a suite of temporary initiatives to improve reliability and safety on the M1 during the Games.

‘‘These changes began with the successful implementation of the Trucks Use Left Lane (TULL) on 1 August 2017.

‘‘We’d now like motorists to be aware of the next round of temporary traffic management initiatives set to commence in stages from March 1.”

Scroll down to see a full list of changes to the M1.

Mr Bailey said national and international research showed lowering speeds actually increased capacity.

“The research showed speed reduction and ramp metering helps to increase motorway capacity, improve travel speeds during peak times and reduce the number of crashes,” Mr Bailey said.

‘‘Variable message signs will be used on the M1 in the lead-up to the Games to increase awareness of temporary speed reductions and prepare motorists for the changed conditions.

‘‘Ramp metering using mobile traffic lights and variable message signs will commence at the southbound Gold Coast Highway and Smith Street on-ramps in mid-March 2018 and continue for the duration of the Games.

Mr Bailey said the way people travelled on the M1 would make a big difference during the Games.

“Travel choices during the Games will be crucial to how the M1 operates and performs during the Games,’’ Mr Bailey said.

“I’d urge anyone intending to travel to the Games to visit the Get Set for the Games website for information on planning your trip.

“This is a massive event, and while we appreciate it will impact on residents, we are asking them to do what they can to help us make these games the greatest sporting event in Queensland’s history.”

‘‘These will only be active during peak times or when required.’’

The reduced speed limits are expected be in effect until at least the completion of the Games on April 15.

Motorists are urged to plan ahead leading up to and during the Games at getsetforthegames.com.

The temporary M1 management initiatives for the Games include:

  • Reducing the speed in the 110km/h speed zone by 10km/h to 100km/h between the Logan Motorway Interchange (Exit 31) to Gaven (Exit 69), northbound and southbound from March 1 2018.
  • Reducing the speed in the 100km/h zone by 10km/h to 90km/h from the M1/M3 merge at Eight Mile Plains to Logan Motorway Interchange, northbound and southbound from March 1 2018.
  • Temporary ramp metering at the southbound Gold Coast Highway (Exit 62) and Smith Street (Exit 66) on-ramps to keep traffic moving at a constant pace as vehicles join the motorway, from mid-March 2018.
  • Additional Traffic Response Units and towing vehicles to ensure incidents are cleared from the M1 as quickly as possible. These will be deployed in stages from today with all units deployed by April 4 2018. The deployment will finish on April 15 2018 after the closing ceremony.
  • Allowing vehicles carrying athletes and officials to travel along the hard shoulder of the M1, under police escort where safe and at low speed, if there is severe congestion that may prevent them from arriving at an event on time. This will only occur between April 4 2018 and April 18 2018.
  • Speed enforcement measures on the M1 including trailer mounted speed cameras, which are to be managed by Queensland Police Service (QPS).

– Additional reporting by Jaydan Duck.

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“… national and international research … ” where’s this research ? The link shoots you to an RACQ page that talks about the changes that you have just mentioned. I would like to read the research and be convinced that this is a valid solution.

The “research” is that people get complacent…


Booked for speeding for either not being aware of the changes or simply not knowing where or when they take effect.

I guarantee the amount of cops and speed cameras out on the first day of the changes will be absolute overkill. Overkill in that it will not make the roads any safer – the sheer amount of distractions (cops pulling people over) is likely to add to the risk rather than reduce it…

But who wants to use logic and reason? We’ve been told its safer and wil allow more cars on the road so we should just shut up and hand over out money 😉

Dunno how it reduces congestion. The peanuts on the road at the moment only do 90km/hr and all it does is cause congestion especially for heavy vehicles cause all the cars are in the left hand lanes and the poor blokes can’t use the right hand lanes if there’s room. All that rule has done is cause anger amongst motorists and congestion.

Why do they need to drop the road speed we can’t do 100ks from Logan to the gateway and we can’t do 110ks from Yatala to smith street on a good day we always do 40-65km/h if we’re lucky everyday of the week so what’s the point of changing speed zones I live at Yatala and during the week and on weekends it takes me 45 mins to get to Helensvale morning and afternoon because no one can merg or do the speed limit


Change the speed limit one month out? Should be good revenue for the government under the guise of road $afety.

So now everyone who has to travel for work will leave 25mins to 30 mins ealrlier and still clog up the freeway and be stuck in traffic longer. I cant fathom why a speed change will alleviate anything. Seems like no doubt there will be more police out racking up fines and income for the government to cover the cost of the games…where us the proof and research that thus will provide any benefits. The Sydney Olympics didnt change speed limits in Sydney… seems like a ploy to me.

Yep Queensland is not the smart state. Look at Tom Tate. Money grabbing magnet
Sydney ran quite good in the Olympics if it was going to be a drama to us residents. They should have done this in outback Queensland. We’re the jobs are needed. Not crowding up the coast. If one change is needed they should be booking people doing 90 in the 110 zone hanging in the right lane talking on there phones. I see this every day. But no cops raising revenue there. There taking easy street with speeding. The slower you go the more sleepy people get.

There isn’t any international research it’s another tough new scam to catch unsuspecting drivers and tourists at non peak times. International studies show that putting variable speed limits on motorways increases accidents from braking motorists but lives don’t matter only revenue.
Will the public see the increased accident reports?

It won’t help because the congestion at present is caused by people who do no t know how to merge properly and safely which causes other cars to brake and/or change lanes to avoid an accident /slow moving vehicle. Which is why there seems to massive congestion just before on ramps, and also people who sit in the fast lanes going 10-20kmh slower which they will probably still do. Where are the adverts on TV nowadays which show people how to merge properly like there used to be before speed cameras.

Sounds like the government want to make a bit of cash before it all begins. hope they change all the speed signs for the tourist.

Revenue raising bull s***

Buy a nice motorbike and beat the system. I do the m1 everyday up to Lytton and for years sat in a tin can taking ages. Just be carefull of the emergency lanes being full of dangerous debris that will give you many punctures. Saying that, as the VIPs will get an escort through the emergency lanes to beat the traffic, bet you they will clean them up soon for the first time in ages! The roads in this part of the world are a joke, but nobody challenges anyone in authority, so they continue to get away with it.

How about the research that says removing the speed limit is more effective?
Hang on let me get my research link that I made using wordpress and typed out myself in 3 minutes. Since that is clearly the standard of research the QLD Government are using for these kinds of decisions.

Traveling to the Gold Coast today from Brisbane has been a nighmare. Been an extra 30mins and counting, traffic is bottlenecked so badly. This has made it worse. Re think and fix it before its too late.

Nobody thought about the big picture when they pitched for the games. Nobody considered the ever increasing development that would continue to this day. The M1 at the best of times is chaotic. These people could not organise a booze up in a brewery lol so how in goodness name do they think these tactics will work. Too little too late

The proof is in the pudding. The M1 Motorway was a lot more congested this morning. I travel from Logan to the Southern Gold Coast daily and today was noticeably worse than usual.
The muppets making these rules don’t even use the motorway or drive. They are driven or flown. Pathetic politicians in this country are so out of touch it is scary.

What possible reason is there that the police will be enforcing it so bad, if not for revenue raising?
They can’t claim that it is for road safety as it is safe to do 100kph due to the normal posted limit. Soo….what other reason is there? Is it to recoup costs for the amount they’ve wasted on the lights? This is just going to show the rest of the Commonwealth how ridiculous our country’s government is. As if they aren’t going to get enough income from the people attending the games already.
But nah….let’s keep people on the road longer because it’ll help with traffic flow and congestion. You want to enforce something that will help with traffic flow and congestion….how about keeping left unless overtaking. Or people being on their phones. Or how about impeding the flow of traffic with drivers who are too afraid to do the posted limit and sit 20-30kph under the limit. Or the trucks who still can’t work out which lane is right or left. Speeding is the easiest reason to book a driver for with little effort being made.
Looking forward to being the laughing stock of the Commonwealth SMH.

This is pointless; Australians already treat speed limits more like suggestions than actual rules, all this reduction will do is slow down the few people who actually follow the speed limit, causing the rest of the people to get frustrated and switch lanes rapidly, making the M1 even more dangerous.
If the Qld government truly wants to make the M1 safer during the games, what they should actually do is increase highway patrol as a deterrent, because if people ignored the speed limit before this change, they sure as hell aren’t going to start after this change.

I don’t understand are you suggesting people speed? If so you must not go on the M1 much. It is ALWAYS CONGESTED AND UNDER SPEED……

As someone who travels between Brisbane and GC between 1am and 2am every second day, I have some choice ******* words for whoever came up with this ridiculous idea and the unsubstantiated reasons behind it. Though I’m guessing they’re not taking complaints/suggestions….

This is for sure overkill. Why do the big wigs think this is going to help congestion. As far as the public are concerned its another money raising scam. I for one could not be bothered going to the games. Another way of forcing control on people thats the Australian way.

Typical GCCC… short-sighted and completely reactive approach. They don’t even have a committed end date for the restrictions in place… how long have you known the Games were coming?!?
You have no excuses for poor planning… it’s just the usual incompetence of the city’s “leaders”.

Instead of reducing 10km/hr increase 20km/hr so that people can go fast, those who like to drive slow can stay in left lane.

I read the comments, all the whinging & whining will do nothing except satisfy our own thoughts; because QLDer’s driving is STILL a generally backward mentality.
I ignorantly decided to drive to Brisbane yesterday unaware of the changes till I was stuck in it; same crap, different day, just slower and therefore more frustrating. Vehicles travelling at 80-90 kph less than a car length from each other (1. TAILGATING). Travelling in far right lane at 94kph, oblivious to anyone else backed up behind them. (2. FAILURE to keep left unless overtaking). The unspoken right to travel in the 3rd lane constantly. An inability to merge, Sydney carries 5 times as much traffic, does it everyday with with some basic unspoken rules.1. Some-one behind you? Move over. 2. Indicate, then assert responsibility to carry through with decision.3.Check all mirrors every 10 seconds.( If you don’t check in the UK driving test, then you fail!) 4. Someone indicating? Let them in! .5. Stay in left lane where & when possible unless overtaking.( This would avoid having to pass on the blind side which is illegal in many states & countries, But of course, not here!). Stop blindly voting for “party” politicians, grow a brain, vote for the independent who will care for your interests, not the parties.
Of course none of the above will ever happen, here that is!

You are absolutely right. When are the cops going to do some real work and book all those idiots!!!

The benefits of lowering speed limits are proven. If it is proof you want, do a search for MUARC188.
Mind you, at 67 pages it may be beyond the capabilities of many drivers to comprehend the science, however, it is there in black and white.

What a croc of bs. Has anyone seen how many speed limit signs out noting the change?? Sweet f.a is how many. Yet the speed camera between yatala and coomera on the trailer is still out there catching people that don’t know of the changes. Not to mention the blokes who park the lil suv cams in the tall grass. Talk about entrapment. People are more likely to drive slow (too fx**xn slow) because they are afraid of going a couple k’s over and getting a ticket. I see so many people day in day out driving along looking down at their speedo instead of watching the road. Fair enough for the idiots going 10+ k’s an hour over the limit but all the other people getting fine after fine for a couple k’s over (especially when they place speed camera’s on or at the bottom of hills where you’re car naturally speeds up a couple k’s). Any excuse to take more money off the tax payer.

I’d like to know what all the extra revenue raised by speed fines is going to be spent on
Certainly not on gold coasters who have lost wages because they couldn’t get to work due to the unavailability of public transport in certain areas
Speed doesn’t cause accidents … frustration does !!