Everything you need to know about Qld’s new border pass system

Queensland’s new travel declaration system is now officially in place for all travellers touching down in the sunshine state, here’s what it means for you.

The new travel requirement works similar to a traffic light system, in that people will be granted access to Queensland via either a green or an amber pass.

Everyone travelling to Queensland will have to complete an online declaration up to three days before their arrival, however, depending on where you’re coming from, the form may vary.


All travellers from a state or territory with a declared COVID-19 hotspot (currently Victoria and New South Wales) are required to complete a Queensland Border Declaration Pass.

While anyone travelling to Queensland from a state or territory without a hotspot within Australia or from New Zealand will be required to complete the new Queensland Travel Declaration.

However, an exception is being provided for Queensland residents and New South Wales border zone residents who have only been in the New South Wales border zone or Queensland in the previous 14 days and are entering Queensland by road.

The system has been introduced to help contact tracers track people down in the case of an outbreak.

Police have warned those who try and dodge the rules will be caught.

“Police continue to conduct random intercepts of vehicles entering Queensland through our road network and have a high-visibility policing present at Queensland airports, ensuring travellers are complying with the Chief Health Officer’s directions,” Qld Police said.

“Police may ask travellers to produce a copy of their travel declaration pass.”

Anyone who fails to provide a Queensland Travel Declaration could receive a Penalty Infringement Notice of $1,334.

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so what is the border zone – from where to where>>???

The QLD police are now simply the Gestapo of the fascist Qld government!
Australia is an absute joke! Citizens having their rights to free movement stripped by power mad marxist state governments… and their excuse?
a handful of covid cases!
These tyrants will never give up these ‘emergency’ powers. Get used to living under a Stazi style police state!

Your frustrated, I am trying to conduct business from Northrn N.S.W. and Queensland. I can only have one legal address, where I vote. I have a residence in Queensland and one in Ballina. At times I feel I can’t go home, to either, I will get locked out of where I need to be. In addition to that I am a very well qualified nurse, experienced in the application of and management of Infection Control. From where I sit, I can only see politics until community frustration and civil disabidence takes them on.