Ex-cyclone Trevor bringing rain for the Gold Coast

Rainfall and storms are on their way to the South East again this week, as ex-cyclone Trevor travels this way.

Wednesday and Thursday are expected to see between 15-40 millilitres of rain each day, with possible thunderstorms predicted as well.

Aditi Sharan from The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast muggy conditions and plenty of moisture throughout the week.


“While the South East Queensland region will not be directly affected by the ex-tropical cyclone Trevor.

“But as the systems tracks down the coast, it will combine with a ridge of high pressure which is along the east coast at the moment.

“With it, it will bring a lot of moisture.

“We can expect a high to very high chance of showers on the Gold Coast on Wednesday and a chance of thunderstorms.

“And on Thursday, high chance of showers, rain at times.

“So that should start easing off on Friday, with a medium chance of showers in the morning period,” Ms Sharan said.