Ex-Megadeth drummer dies in front of fans

A former drummer for influential metal band, Megadeth, has died while performing in Los Angeles.

Nick Menza, 51, was on stage with jazz trio OHM on Saturday when he suddenly collapsed.


It’s believed he had a heart attack and audience members and friends tried to resuscitate him until paramedics arrive.

However, Menza died on the way to the hospital.

He was in the middle of touring and had only hours before uploaded a post to Facebook, promoting his latest work.

Representative J Marshall Craig explained how Menza had “many plans in the works” including a “comic book version of his time with Megadeth”.

“He died last night on stage in L.A. doing what he loved.”

Menza had performed on five records for Megadeth, including Countdown to Extinction and Rust In Peace.