Ex-NRL Player Anthony Watts Granted Bail

NRL player turned bikie, Anthony Watts, has walked free from a Brisbane Court, after being granted bail.

Watts, 27, was involved in a nightclub altercation at Broadbeach on February 23, where it is alleged he threatened to kill a restaurant employee and showed his Mongols tattoo to “intimidate witnesses’.

He’s been charged with public nuisance and threatening violence – just over a month after becoming eligible for parole over a previous charge.


In the Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday, Justice Peter Applegarth said Watts was in a “show cause position,” regardless of whether he was a member of a criminal organisation at the time.

“He is said to have dissociated himself from the organisation,” he said.

Justice Applegarth said it was “appropriate” to grant bail, noting the likely penalty Watts would receive if convicted and the length of time awaiting trial.

He added there was a “substantial risk” Watts could remain in custody for a longer period than if he was convicted.

“Given the delays in finalising the charges, the applicant’s detention in custody is not justified and the risks are reduced to an acceptable level by the conditions (that appear in the draft order),” he said.

Watts was granted bail, but on the condition he resides on the Gold Coast, reports to police three times a week and surrenders his passport.