EXCLUSIVE: Gold Coast close to nabbing multi-million dollar international event

The Gold Coast is close to snaring an international multi-million dollar conference, one that is expected to bring thousands of cashed up tourists who’ll inject tens of millions into the economy.

MyGC can reveal Destination Gold Coast is in the final stages of a bid for Sun Hope’s multi-million dollar event to come to the Coast in 2020.

Mayor Tom Tate has just concluded a keynote presentation in Beijing, where he acted as spokesperson for Destination Gold Coast.


Sun Hope is a multi-million dollar company which rewards thousands of their best employees with a trip to an exotic location, with Australia tipped to be the destination for 2020’s program.

The other locations in Australia cannot be revealed due to commercial reasons, but the Coast’s major competition is understood to be capital cities down south.

Mayor Tom Tate told MyGC there would be more than 5000 delegates injecting almost $16 million into the local economy.

“They’d spend five days in our city, these people are successful, they’re going to go out and shop and of course, enjoy the conference,” he said.

Snaring Sun Hope’s conference would be a major boost for Gold Coast’s credibility as a destination for major international events.

Executive Director for Corporate Affairs and Strategy at Destination Gold Coast Dean Gould said the success of this year’s Infinitus program shows we’re equipped to deal with these huge international events.

“The Infinitus group, which is another large Chinese company, brought more than 5000 delegates to the Gold Coast which pumped about $20 million dollars directly into the economy and about $40 million indirectly,” he told MyGC.

“When you get these large numbers over here in a short period of time they really want to experience everything, they go to shops, resturants, bars, everywhere.”

“Winning the bid for 2020’s conference would be very beneficial to the economy of the Gold Coast.”

Tourism Minister Kate Jones said the Palaszczuk Government is committed to working with the Mayor to “publicise the Gold Coast as one of the fastest growing Tourism markets in the world”.

After the success of the Commonwealth Games, Shadow Tourism Minister and Broadwater MP David Crisafulli says the Coast shouldn’t play second fiddle to the capital cities.

“We should be the destination of choice (for conferences and events) we have a superior lifestyle we have superior weather, I want us to be at the top of the list in attracting events and conventions,” he said.

Sun Hope will announce the destination for 2020’s conference by the end of this year.