EXCLUSIVE: Love interest lands Hot Tomato an interview with Coldplay

Sixty-thousand Queenslanders left Suncorp Stadium with A Head Full Of Dreams after watching mega-band Coldplay perform live last night.

Among them was the 1029 Hot Tomato breakfast team, who were on a high after scoring an exclusive interview with the band thanks to an old flame of Chris Martin’s dad.

1029 Hot Tomato’s announcer’s Tess Carlson’s mum was a former love interest of Chris Martin’s dad. So prior to the band coming out to Australia, he told Chris and guitarist Jonny Buckland that they must sit down for a chat with the 1029 Hot Tomato team.


“Whatever my dad tells me to do, I do. So if he says go and talk to Hot Potato in Australia, then we say just put us in the room,” Chris told Emily Jade, Tess and Christo. “This is so weird to be talking about my dad – I feel like it might not be any of my business.”

The band arrived in Brisbane very early on Tuesday morning, telling Hot Tomato they were pleased to be off the plane. “We flew through the massive storm. We flew from Sydney and we definitely had a conversation with the heavens and said ‘please will you let us play this gig’.” Chris said.

As for whether the boys prefer recording or performing, they said it was a tough choice. “I enjoy touring at the moment most of all. We feel grateful to be in a band to be together, to be able to play music whenever we want. It’s a pretty lucky position to be in really.” Jonny Buckland said.

Chris added: “In our old age we try to live in the moment as much as possible.”

Listen to the full interview below, including the moment Emily Jade decided to sing to Chris.