EXCLUSIVE: The GC Candyman talks to 1029 Hot Tomato ahead of $250,000 weekend party

Travers “The Candyman” Beynon is set to hold another one of his infamous parties at his Helensvale mansion this Saturday night.

The Free Choice tobacco owner is rumoured to be spending $250,000 on his lavish soiree, which will see more than 500 VIPs attend his newly renovated home.

Ahead of the big bash, Beynon granted his first ever radio interview to 1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan and Emily Jade this morning.


With rumours rife there will be a giraffe at the party on Saturday, Beynon told the breakfast hosts anything is possible at one of his events.

“Everything you’ve read, they’re talking it down,” he said. “They have no idea what’s going to happen. If you get an invite to my party, you can walk through the Versace room, pass expensive urns. But my master bedroom is off limits.”

There have been reports the millionaire’s bedroom is so large, he has two king size beds pushed together. However, Beynon said the reports are false: “Once again that has been underestimated. There’s three king size beds together and there’s two other king size beds just sitting on the floor as well.”

Beynon has been busy finalising a multi-million dollar renovation on his mansion ahead of his party. He revealed to Flan & Emily Jade that his favourite addition is in the basement: “There will be a gold dungeon.”

Beynon also opened up about claims he objectifies women. He came under fire earlier this year after he posted a photo on social media of his wife wearing a dog collar. There is also controversy surrounding the fact the father of two has multiple girlfriends.

“There’s always going to be haters,” Beynon told the breakfast hosts. “They don’t know me, the people that are around me know more. The perception is certainly not the reality. The girls are happy, they are treated well. The perception that I degrade women… it’s the opposite. I elevate them.”


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