EXCLUSIVE: Tim Dormer thinks we all need a reality check

On Monday, the Daily Mail posted an article fat shaming Big Brother winner Tim Dormer.

The publication said the Sydneysider was cutting “a more portly figure” while he was enjoying the surf at Bondi over the long weekend.

Instead of pretending the article didn’t exist, Tim called out the Daily Mail on social media.


tim dormer social
Thousands responded, and Tim told 1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan and Emily Jade that he was blown away by the positive feedback. “There has been so much positivity come out of it and a lot people have said that they feel empowered by it. So turning a negative into a positive that’s what it’s all about.”

He also issued a call out for everyone to start treating each other with a bit more respect. “I think people just need a bit of a reality check, which is funny coming from me considering how many reality shows I have been on. At the end of the day, treat people as human beings. We get so caught up on social media writing whatever comments we’re passionate about at the time, but would you really say that to the person’s face?”

Tim told the Hot Tomato breakfast hosts that although he wants people to treat each other with more respect on social media, he knows the haters are always going to hate. “It’s not going to go away – there will always be people who are going to critique what you are going to do and you are always going to have people who disagree with your opinions. I’m trying to empower people by saying don’t fight back negatively. If you are confident in your own skin, it will be water off your back, it won’t matter what people say about you. You are always going to have haters – it’s how you deal with them that I think is the difference.”

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