“Exercise a high degree of caution” Australian flights to Hong Kong cancelled as protests ramp-up

Anyone flying to or from Hong Kong are being warned of major disruptions and cancellations as a result of mass protests.

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters have descended on Hong Kong’s International Airport, with the airport revealing in a statement that the protests have “seriously disrupted” operations.

Australian travellers are being urged to check with their airline, with Qantas and Virgin both cancelling a number of flights due to take off from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane overnight and this morning.


It’s understood the airlines are trying to work out when services can resume again.

The Australian Government’s Smartraveller website is warning people to exercise a high degree of caution while in Hong Kong.

“Flash mob protests and random attacks on protesters have become less predictable and are expected to continue,” it says.

“Tourist and residential areas have been affected. There is a high risk of violent confrontation between protestors and police, or criminally-linked individuals.”