Exercise to cement skills for rural fire fighters

Guanaba Rural Fire Brigade Pimpama Fires

IMAGE: Cameron Neville SOURCE: Supplied

FIRE FIGHTERS are making final preparations for the up coming 2014 bushfire season, with today’s practical skills training session at the Queensland Combined Emergency Services Academy on Whyte Island.

More than 100 Rural Fire Service Queensland personnel will today come together at the Academy to brush up on practical skills, with a potentially dangerous bushfire season just weeks away.


As part of the day, a wildfire simulator will allow firefighters to see the effects of various firefighting techniques in a smaller-scale version.

Volunteer community educators, rural fire brigade captains and instructors from Brisbane, South Eastern and South Western regions will take part.

There will also be a strong focus on communication with the public and media.

RFSQ Acting South Eastern Region Area Director Kaye Healing said many of the volunteers who were at the forefront of fighting bushfires during the season also had day jobs, meaning training days like this were of utmost importance.

“Rural firefighters don’t fight fires every day, but we are the first on scene when a bushfire strikes and our training needs to be as up to date as possible leading into bushfire season,” Ms Healing said.

“Making sure the community knows what is happening during a bushfire is one of the most important roles we play, outside of fighting the fire itself, which is why we have made this a big focus of the practical skills training day.

“Our seasonal outlook has shown that conditions are ripening for a big bushfire season so preparation is key if we are to keep the impact of bushfires to a minimum, which is always our goal.”