Do we expect too much of teachers?

As life becomes more complicated, teachers have been expected to keep up. And, where once they might have just been expected to teach the subject of their choice, now they’re expected to help students through obesity, physical inactivity, bullying, depression, homelessness, sexting, drug and alcohol abuse, child safety and domestic violence.

These issues – and how schools and teachers should deal with them – will be the focus of a FREE summit at The Star Gold Coast on Wednesday on how to ensure the teachers of tomorrow have the tools needed to promote healthy, active living both physically and mentally.

The summit will bring together the education, sport and health sectors to showcase successes, discuss key challenges and identify best practice, all with an eye to developing a shared set of principles and strategies for universities to incorporate into their teacher education programs.


The Summit will also hear from experts in the health and sporting fields including current Athletics World Champion hurdler Sally Pearson who’ll be a special guest on a panel headed by former swimming champion Nicole Livingstone.

What do you think? Are we expecting too much of our teachers? Add your comments below.