Experts gather on Gold Coast to discuss crackdown on child abuse

The world’s finest industry and law enforcement experts from across the globe will today gather on the Gold Coast for a conference focused on protecting children from harmful child abuse networks.

The Queensland Police Service’s Youth, Technology and Virtual Communities Conference is taking place at Bond University, with experts in law enforcement, prosecution, psychology, child advocacy and the protection service all gathering for the important discussions.

Talks will be opened by Police Minister Mark Ryan and Commissioner of Police Katarina Carroll, with the international delegates then set to share their insights and promote powerful discussion through case studies, workshops and seminars in a bid to help bring down child abuse networks.


“By using the conference as a vehicle to promote change and best practice investigation, the QPS is ensuring we are doing everything we can to protect our children and make those who commit these horrific crimes accountable for their actions,” Detective Superintendent Denzil Clark of the Child Abuse and Sexual Crime Group said.

“But it is only through collaboration, community support and information sharing that we can truly achieve this goal.”

The conference has become internationally renowned as a platform to address this shocking crime from every angle, with experts specialising in both victim and offender behaviour.

“With the continued uptake of social media and the influx of self-produced images flooding the internet, the conference is a great opportunity for us to educate and protect our community to help give all our children a great start,” Detective Superintendent Clark said.

Police Minister Mark Ryan praised the Argos team’s innovative approach to shining a light on what is often an uncomfortable topic.

“The Argos team’s approach to education, by shining a light on what is an uncomfortable topic and raising awareness of it, is the right thing to do,” he said.

“As well though, Argos shows what steps can be taken to defend the community from attacks on our most vulnerable citizens.

“Over the last few years, I have been in the fortunate position to see the positive results achieved out of past conferences and I once again look forward to hearing of how the issues discussed here today shape policy, research and our future policing response to this critical issue.”