Experts worried Qld won’t hit 90 per cent double dose

There are growing concerns that Queensland may never hit the elusive 90 per cent double dose vaccine mark.

A new survey, published in Newscorp, shows hesitancy is still very high, with around 6 per cent of Queenslanders still unwilling to get the jab and around 5 per cent are unsure.

It puts the overall hesitancy rate at 11.1 per cent.


Infectious diseases experts say it is a real concern and that the state will struggle to get to the 90 per cent fully vaccinated mark.

However, Doctor Paul Griffin told Nine Radio we can’t give up on it.

“It would be easy to say it’s unrealistic, but having said that we’ve seen three states already achieve that.

“We just need to look at what’s happened in those states, what they’ve done effectively that they’ve achieved that rate.

“It still needs to be a target of ours but we need to make sure we do everything we can to make sure we get there.