Smouldering Samsung forces evacuation of plane in the US

A plane in the US has been evacuated after a Samsung Galaxy Note7 started smoking shortly before take off.

Local media say the male passenger was powering down his mobile phone when it began to overheat and started smoking while the plane was on the runway at the Louisville International Airport.

According to WLKY News, no one was injured in the incident, however the plane, which was en-route to Baltimore, sustained minor damage with the carpet singed where the mobile landed.



All Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones were recalled worldwide in August over fears the batteries in the mobiles may overheat and explode.

Following the recall, the Federal Aviation Administration banned passengers from using or charging the phones on planes.

Samsung has since said it will replace all recalled note7 phones sold to customers.

“Customers who were affected by the Note7 issues, were and remain entitled to choose a new Galaxy Note7 (with a courtesy device provided until the arrival of replacement Galaxy Note7 stock) or a refund,” the company said in a statement on their website.