Exposure sites balloon as Covid creeps into the Gold Coast

Gold Coasters are being reminded to keep a close eye on the rapidly expanding list of exposure sites as Covid-19 cases continue to increase around the state and country.

Robina Town Centre, Pacific Fair and Australia Fair have all been exposed this week. Nightclubs and popular bars are also part of more than 30 new sites added over the last day.

The list also includes train rides between Robina and Brisbane and a flight into Coolangatta.


It comes as the Omicron variant continues to spread thick and fast through New South Wales and Victoria, with Queensland likely to be next.

Senior Federal Minister Peter Dutton has told The Today Show that case numbers will go up.

“It’s confronting because they are big numbers but this is what we’ve been preparing for.

“This is why we’ve asked people to get vaccinated and if they still have a hesitation they should speak to the their doctor and get vaccinated.

“There’s no hiding from this variant – it’s incredibly infectious.

“It’ll overtake Delta, and I think we are going to see many thousands of cases each day, tens of thousand of cases in New South Wales as the potential as well.

“We can’t lock down because there’s no escaping this. That’s the reality that we’re facing.

“If we go into lockdown we may as well be in lockdown for the next couple of years because we just wont deal with it.

“It’s going to be confronting but people should be reassured by the very high vaccination rate,” Minister Dutton said.

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