More exposure sites linked to infected truckie pop-up near Brisbane

Another exposure site has been added to Queensland’s list overnight, as authorities continue to investigate the movements of an infected truck driver.

Queensland Health officials have now issued a contact tracing location for the Puma Service Station in Bundamba, Ipswich.

The infected truck driver is believed to have stopped there on Thursday, August 26.


Anyone who was also there, either at the service station or in the food court between 1.20 pm and 2.25 pm, is being urged to come forward for testing.

The food court area is considered a close contact location, while the service station is considered a casual contact location.

The new sites are in addition to the others posted late yesterday, in the areas of Archerfield and Goondiwindi.

It’s understood the truck driver was only in Queensland for one day before returning to New South Wales.

Authorities are reminding everyone to stay alert for symptoms and get tested at the slightest sign of infection.


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