Extinction Rebellion protest causes traffic mayhem for Brisbane CBD

Bad news if you’re heading into Brisbane this morning, another Extinction Rebellion protest is causing mayhem in the CBD.

Protesters gathered on Edward street around 7.00am today, blocking off the whole road with a stationary rental truck.

People were sat on top of the vehicle, with signs calling for zero net emissions by 2025 hanging down the sides of it.


Queensland Police are urging motorists to avoid Queen Street, Edward Street and Adelaide Streets, which have all been affected by the demonstrations.

They’ve begun taking down the signs, but it’s not clear exactly when the streets will be cleared for traffic.

Motorists are being warned of lengthy delays for the morning commute.



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If we normal people blocked the road like this, we would be dragged off the road!
These Wankers need to get a job, take away their welfare and see how they go then.

I am all for freedom of speech, but this is simply public nuisance. Caution them to move along, then if they don’t comply – send in the paddy wagons and the tow trucks.

‘Were sat’? Seriously? Learn English.
This is what it takes to get through to thick skulled morons. Get your head out of your ass and help avoid more climate damage. Stop leaving it to the decent people of the world.

Using “sat” instead of “sitting” is a curious affectation of British English. It may seem an anathema to the Australian ear, however, the Queen probably cringes when Aussies say “G’day” or “Straya”.

About time the police removed them immediately ,but when you have a labour state government who will leave a fire burning for weeks in a heritage area without water bombing it do you really expect ANY action

Queensland has had 6 deaths from corona virus since March,why do we have ANY restrictions in this state ,there can not be any medical reason for these restrictions on our freedom any longer