Facebook and Instagram went down for 30 mins and everyone freaked out

You’d be forgiven for thinking the world has ended this morning, but in fact, it appears that Facebook and Instagram just went down for the period of about half an hour.

It seemed that most people experienced problems around 7.30 am AEST, but were just about ok again around 8.00 am.

How did we find out about it? You mean after our newsfeeds wouldn’t load critical information about who’s eaten what for breakfast? Simple – everyone’s taken to Twitter instead.


The cause of the outage isn’t currently known, but I’m sure the tech heads in the United States spent the last 30 minutes freaking out about it.

There have been several hack attempts in recent times, so maybe it’s another one of those. The social media giant is yet to address the brief outage.

However, the whole world seemed to have been affected this morning, and they all took to Twitter to talk about it.

#facebook is down let’s all #panic” says one person.

#Facebook is getting sloppy. #DownAgain” posts another.

“I always check Twitter to make sure my Facebook has been hacked LOL #facebook

“I don’t always tweet, but when I do, usually it’s because #Facebook is down. Also #Messenger and #Instagram seem to be down. #facebookdown”

Queensland Police are already on the case as well, well, sort of.

More to come. 

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Never noticed, had it not been for this article I would never had known.

Nor would I. Perhaps that’s because we are not brainwashed sheep like most of the population who desperately follow what everyone else is doing. They become addicts and unable to cope without their fix.So sad they are missing out on real life. I often ask myself why?

I was still in bed, so I didn’t notice either 😀