Facebook bans white nationalism and separatism

Social media giant Facebook has announced it will ban posts on its platforms that praise, support and represent white nationalism and separatism.

It comes after various criticisms that the social media giant was taking too long to remove shared footage of the horrific Christchurch terror attack.

Facebook released the announcement today, saying it’s clear that posts associated with white nationalism and separatism on Facebook and Instagram are deeply linked to organised hate groups.


“Our policies have long prohibited hateful treatment of people based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity or religion — and that has always included white supremacy.

“We didn’t originally apply the same rationale to expressions of white nationalism and separatism because we were thinking about broader concepts of nationalism and separatism — things like American pride and Basque separatism, which are an important part of people’s identity.

“But over the past three months our conversations with members of civil society and academics who are experts in race relations around the world have confirmed that white nationalism and separatism cannot be meaningfully separated from white supremacy and organised hate groups,” the announcement reads.

Facebook will also take steps to ensure that people found engaging or creating any of this banned content, will be connected to resources focused on helping people leave behind hate groups.

“People searching for these terms will be directed to Life After Hate, an organisation founded by former violent extremists that provides crisis intervention, education, support groups and outreach.

“Unfortunately, there will always be people who try to game our systems to spread hate.

“Our challenge is to stay ahead by continuing to improve our technologies, evolve our policies and work with experts who can bolster our own efforts.

“We are deeply committed and will share updates as this process moves forward,” the announcement reads.

PHOTO | Sourced from Facebook