Could your Facebook get you kicked out of America?

Have you ever had the proverbial ‘one too many’ and posted something ridiculous on Facebook?

Or maybe you’ve just been in a bad mood and you’ve posted something cheeky, controversial or just plain stupid that you wish you could take back?

We’ve all been there. It’s no big deal – unless you want to travel to the United States, that is.


Your online profile, blunders and all, could be used as a means of determining whether you are eligible for entry to the United States.

The USA’s proposed border control measure requests that anyone interested in travelling to America would need to provide their online data before being granted entry.

It’s all in the name of gaining “greater clarity and visibility to possible nefarious activity and connections”.

In other words, they want to catch incoming terrorists, you guys.

Though this process is not yet mandatory – it’s still in the proposal stage, with the US government taking comments until 22 August ­– I have to say, this seems like another giant step towards Ground Zero Privacy.

I don’t know about you but the idea of a foreign government taking a gander at my online profiles is as scary and inappropriate as my grandmother going through my text messages.

Anyone who has travelled Stateside before can attest to the fact that we already go through a rigorous process just to have a holiday in Disneyland or, ironically, take some selfies in New York to post to Facebook. It all makes this new barrier to entry seem like a step too far.

I mean, would you be comfortable with your social media profile being reviewed as a genuine description of your character? I don’t know that I would be…

If this gets off the ground I may be in a spot of bother.

You see, I’ve booked a holiday to Disneyland next year.

And as someone who has posted a lot – and I mean, a lot – of openly critical posts about Donald Trump and his ludicrous run for Presidency, I fear I’m going to rocket to the top of their ‘no fly list’, quick smart.