Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat down for HOURS, costing millions

UPDATE: @ 8.30 AM | Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are now coming back online, after what’s been dubbed the most severe outage on record.

The social media platforms were offline for over five hours this morning, affecting millions of users around the US, Europe and Australia.

Users may still experience issues throughout the morning, as the services begin getting back to normal.


The outage has caused Mark Zuckerberg billions of dollars in losses.

EARLIER: 6.00 AM | Millions of Facebook and Instagram users are starting the day without their early morning social-media hit.

The social media platforms have been hit by a major global outage, which has affected the sites for multiple hours.

Whatsapp has also been affected.

The tech giants have confirmed the outage on Twitter and are now working through ‘networking problems’.


Anyone who’s tried to access the site since around 2.45 am AEDT has been met with a “Something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can,” message.

Users across Australia, the US and Europe have reported issues with all three of the apps.

It’s unclear exactly how long it will take to repair the issues, but it’s already causing Facebook stocks to plummet.


More to come.