Facebook’s new ‘snooze’ feature is going to come in very, very handy…

FACEBOOK has introduced a new feature just in time for the silly season, and we have a feeling it’s going to come in very handy for a lot of people…

The new feature, dubbed ‘Snooze’ was rolled out this week, giving users the ability to mute a person, page or group from their newsfeed for 30 days.

If jealousy is getting the best of you and you’re sick of seeing your friend’s Europe travel pics, you can simply tap the ‘snooze’ button which will hide all of that person’s posts without you having to block or unfriend them.


Facebook said they launched the new feature to give people more control over what they see in their feeds.

“We’ve heard from people that they want more options to determine what they see in News Feed and when they see it,” they wrote.

“With Snooze, you don’t have to unfollow or unfriend permanently, rather just stop seeing someone’s posts for a short period of time.

“The people, Pages, and groups you snooze will not be notified. You will be notified before the Snooze period is about to end and the setting can also be reversed at any time.

To use the feature, simply select the Snooze option in the top-right drop-down menu of a post.