Facelift planned for Surfers Paradise Riverfront

ONE of the Gold Coast’s most stunning, yet under used, locations is set to receive a much needed makeover by the Gold Coast Waterways Authority and City of Gold Coast.

A new pontoon will be built at the Surfers Paradise riverfront site, promising a fresh and revitalised look for the previously neglected area.

The project is part of a broader master plan for the area, currently being developed in partnership between by the Authority in partnership with City of Gold Coast.


Authority CEO Hal Morris said the works will make the site safer and much more appealing to locals and tourists.

“A river is the lifeblood of any city and it’s a shame that we don’t really appreciate and use our river as much as we could here on the Gold Coast,”  he said.

“We are striving to turn that around and provide places for everyone to go to be able to truly use and enjoy this remarkable asset.”

The new structure will allow commercial operators to pick up and drop off passengers and in turn provide greater connectivity to destinations, activities and attractions.

City of Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said the new pontoon will herald a new beginning for Surfers’ lesser known waterfront.

“We’ve long identified that the riverside offers enormous potential, so it’s exciting to be teaming up with Gold Coast Waterways Authority to breathe new life into the area,” he said.

“This investment will create new tourism opportunities and new water transport options which will draw greater numbers of people to the riverfront and surrounding areas.”

Authority Chairman Gary Baildon said that there is also a lot to be gained for local traders and commercial operators through the creation of business opportunities in line with the redevelopment.

“With recent improvements and upgrades to the entire Surfers Paradise precinct, there’s no better time for this project to take place,” said Mr Baildon.

“It will enhance the tourist hub that is Surfers Paradise and deter anti-social behaviour in the area,” said Mr Baildon.

The project is one of many detailed in the Authority’s Waterways Management Program which aligns to the 10 year Waterways Management Strategy set out to Sustain, Enhance and Promote Gold Coast waterways.

Demolition and construction at the site is expected to commence late 2014.