Fair Work Commission lifts minimum wage for low-paid workers

Australia’s lowest paid workers are about to get a boost in their pay packets after the workplace umpire lifted the national minimum wage by 64 cents an hour.

The Fair Work Commission today confirmed they were raising the minimum wage by 3.5%.

Based on a 38 hour working week, this increases the current average weekly pay of $694.90 to $719.20, or $18.93 an hour.


Unions had been calling for a $50 per week increase, however admitted today’s announcement was a “step in the right direction”.

“This increase is a step in the right direction, and takes us closer to our goal of 60% of the median wage,” ACTU Secretary Sally McManus said.

“All Australian workers need a pay rise, but none more so than the 2.3 million people who are now award reliant.

“This 3.5% increase that equates to $26.71 per week for a hospitality worker or $24.33 for a horticulture worker will be a welcome reprieve for them but we will continue to fight for the restoration of a living wage that underpins a much fairer collective bargaining system.”

The rise will come into play on July 1.